5-8 March 2008 "S0MA 2008" Mediterranean Archaeology

The twelfth annual meeting of the Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology (SOMA)

Eastern Mediterranean Univ., North Cyprus

7-8 March 2008 "Nomads, Tribes, and the State in the Ancient Near East: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives"

The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago

1155 East 58th Street, Chicago, IL, USA

14-15 March 2008 "Conference Boundaries of Witchcraft in the Upper Rhine Region"

University of Oxford , UK

14-15 March 2008 "Looking Beyond: Visions, Dreams and Insights in Medieval Art and History"

The Center for Religion and Civic Culture

University of Southern California, USA

24 March 2008 MARS Conference

Medieval And Renaissance Studies

Purdue University, IN, USA

28-31 March 2008 OAH Annual Meeting 2008

Hilton, New York, USA

April 3-5, 2008 "Chicago 2008" Renaissance Conference

The Fifty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America (RSA)

Chicago, IL, USA

3-5 April 2008 Prophetstown Revisited: A Summit on Early Native American Studies

Stewart Center, Purdue University, USA

April 3-5, 2008 "Renaissance In-Betweenness"

The Annual Conference of the Pacific Northwest Renaissance Society (PNRS)

& The Medieval Academy of America (MAA)

downtown Vancouver, Hyatt Regency

with an optional tour

12 April 2008 HGSA Conferences Series

Purdue University History Graduate Students' Association

Purdue University, Indiana, USA

June 30–July 25, 2008 "The Medieval Mediterranean & the Emergence of the West"

NEH Summer Institute for College and University Professors

Barcelona, Spain

deadline: 3 March 2008

3-6 July 2008 "Tyndale, More and their Circles: Persecution and Martyrdom under the Tudors"

Liverpool Hope Univ., UK

deadline: 20 May 2008

7-10 July 2008 "International Congress of the European Middle Ages"

The fifteenth International Medieval Congress

Univ. of Leeds, UK

6-8 August 2008 "Trauma and the Sublime"

Swansea University, Wales, UK

7-12 September 2008 "CHYMIA. Science and Nature in Early Modern Europe (1450-1750)

International Conference on Alchemy

El Escorial, Madrid, Spain

25-27 September 2008 The Thirtieth Mid-America Conference on History

Dept. of History, Missouri State University

Springfild, Missouri, USA

deadline: 1 May 2008

2-5 October 2008 "Language Typology and Egyptian-Coptic Linguistics"

International conference, Egyptological Institute of the University of Leipzig and the Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

location: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Deutscher Platz 6, 04103 Leipzig, Germany

deadline: 31 March 2008

4-5 October 2008 "The Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge"

CPAK controversional conference of alternative history

16-19 October 2008 33th Annual SSA Meeting

Semiotic Society of America

Renaissance Hotel in conjuction with Univ. of St. Thomas, Huston, TX, USA

17-18 October 2008 The Devil in Society in the Pre-Modern World

Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies

Victoria College, Univ. of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

9-10 December 2008 "New Worlds Reflected: Representations of Utopia, The New World and Other Worlds (1500-1800)"

Birkbeck College, Univ. of London, UK

deadline: 20 May 2008

29-31 December 2008 "History: From Ancient to Modern"

6th International Conference

Athens, Greece